There are two sections:
The Settings Area and the Feedback List

Settings Area


  • Lists all of the sequences available on the current show. The chosen sequence will be the destination of the new shots.

Number of Shots

  • The actual number of shots to be created

Initial Shot Number

  • The initial number for the sequence of shots to be created.


  • Number - The new shots will only be numerals.
  • Text - The shots will be named for the Text typed in the text box, with a sequential number added.


  • Chooses the number of decimal places for padding the shot number. 4 is recommended.


Feedback List


Prior to creating shots, the Feedback list previews which shots will be created. When the Create Shots button is clicked, the Feedback list then adds the prefix "OK" for all shots that were created, and adds the prefix "ERROR" for shots that did not get created (usually due to a shot already existing with that name).