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Maya Users Wanted

Are you an animation student, a cg professional, or an independant 3D artist working on a solitary or group project? Check out the Plumber production system for Maya.

Plumber is a completely GUI driven Maya production suite. It has the flexibility to grow with the scale and scope of your current project and future needs.

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Rob Skiena
Software Design - UX Design - Tools - Animation

Give users what they want not just what they need

An experienced Product Designer in the Digital Content Creation space, I currently specialize in making one of the world's most complex software packages usable and intuitive for users and customers. I have also held various creative roles throughout a 15 year career in Animation, including character animation and feature film layout.

As a UX designer at Autodesk my philosophy and goals are to:

  • Provide simple solutions to the complicated problems facing CG professionals
  • Design artist-facing features that can also impact large scale production pipelines
  • Streamline the daily workflows used by creative CG professionals
  • Exploit the strengths of my Agile team as Product Owner while improving their weaker skills
  • Research customer problems to determine design priorities and direction
  • Apply real-world experience to produce the tools that create AAA games and feature films
  • Make the lives of users easier and simpler


Rob Skiena

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