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Animation Layout Portfolio

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General Showreel: Summer 2009

Animation / Layout / Previsualization
Rigging / Effects / Generalist

Complete Layout / Previsualization Sequences 

Sleigh Rescue:
Arthur Christmas Sony 2010
Western Test:
Layout / Previs
LAIKA Entertainment 2008
Factory Test:
Layout / Previs
LAIKA Entertainment 2007
Backyard Chase:
Final Layout
Over the Hedge
Dreamworks 2005
RLO vs. Final
Father of the Pride
Dreamworks 2004
RLO vs. Final
Father of the Pride
Dreamworks 2004
Sigfried & Roy:
Rough Layout
Father of the Pride
Dreamworks 2004
Full Turkey Seq:
Rough Layout
Father of the Pride
Dreamworks 2004

Shot Breakdown: Showreel Summer 2009 

Bird Flight/Gunfight/Chicken Factory/Swing/Slingshot, 2006-2009
LAIKA, Portland. OR
Animation/Layout/Rigging - Linux, Maya

Bird Flight
·  Performed Layout and final Animation for Bird Flight sequence
Gunfight, Chicken Factory

·  Performed all Layout and Animation Blocking of entire sequences
·  Conceived sequences, and modeled, surfaced and lit complete environments
·  Rigged layout characters and scripted character setup for consistent controls
·  Created reusable particle smoke and dust system, and egg hatching crowd system
Swing, Slingshot Sequences
·  Performed all Layout and Animation Blocking of entire sequence
·  Rigged layout characters and props

Over the Hedge, 2004-2005
Dreamworks Animation, Glendale, CA
Layout - Linux, EMO

·  Performed camera revisions of the individual shots presented
·  Provided Final Layout for sequences presented
·  Final Layout tasks included set dressing and checking continuity

Father of the Pride, 2003-2004
Dreamworks Animation, Glendale, CA
Layout - Linux, Maya

·  Provided Rough Layout of entire sequences using Maya
·  Rigged all layout characters, modeled layout elements, created basic light rigs
·  Furnished animation cues to sell sequences and assist animators
·  Created camera rigs and constraint systems as needed for shots
·  Modeled stand in props and layout sets

The Haunting, 1998-1999
Tippett Studio, Berkeley, CA
Animation/Rigging - Irix, SoftImage

·  Animated ceiling elements and chair cherubs as per director’s requests
·  Rigged and animated control system for “Hair Splitting” effect
·  Animated and rigged elements, floorboards and carpet to match live action elements

Mighty Joe Young, 1997-1998
Dream Quest Images, Simi Valley, CA
Animation - Irix, Maya

·  Animated lead character of Mighty Joe Young for live action film of same name
·  Modeled stand-in set pieces for tracking and animation

TJ&E III, 2000-2002
TJ & E Productions, San Rafael, CA
Animation/Layout/Rigging - WindowsNT, Maya

·  Performed all layout, animation, rigging and lighting for in-game cut scenes
·  Lit shots to duplicate real-time game engine look

Beastwars, 1996-1997
Mainframe Entertainment, Vancouver, BC
Animation/Layout/Lighting - Irix, SoftImage

·  Performed layout, animation, lighting and effects for assigned shots
·  Quota of 30 seconds of completed footage per week


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